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Tanner Race Car Driver

Race Car Drivers / September 16, 2020

is an undercover police officer and the main protagonist for most of the Driver games.

Main Games

This section reflects upon Tanner in the 5 major games of the series.

In Driver, Tanner is working for the NYPD. He was an ex-race car driver whose career ended due to an accident. His superiors have sent him to infiltrate the Castaldi crime family in order to find out what their big plans are and have asked him to turn in his badge for the time being. In order to prove himself to the gang, Tanner must complete a number of challenges in a parking garage. Once he has passed the initial test run, he takes a number of jobs from various criminals all over Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York. In New York, Tanner discovers that Castaldi's plan is to assassinate the U.S. president, so Tanner rescues the president while under attack from the police a FBI. After rescuing the president, his superior officer, Lt. Mackenzie, congratulates him and offers him his badge back. However, Tanner declines to take it back.

In this game, Tanner is voiced by Bradley Lavelle.

In Driver 2, Tanner is working with the Chicago Police Department tracking down a guy named Pink Lenny. Pink Lenny was a money man for a gangster named Solomon Caine, but has defected and now works for Caine's rival, Alvaro Vasquez. In Chicago, Tanner and his partner Tobias Jones follow up various leads to find out where Lenny is headed next. Along the way, Tanner runs afoul of Caine and his hitman, Jericho. Tanner escapes from him and heads to Havana with Jones.

In Havana, Tanner stops some of Vasquez's weapons shipments s follows up a lead on Rosanna Soto, which actually turns out to be a ship headed for San Diego. Tanner discovers that this means Lenny is headed for Las Vegas next. While calling Jones, Jones tells him that he's spotted Jericho and that Tanner should get over there as soon as possible. After tailing Jericho, Jericho performs a hit on two Brazilians, after which Tanner heads to Vegas with Jericho in custody.

In Vegas, Tanner offers to release Jericho if Caine works with them on finding Vasquez. Caine agrees, and Tanner is sent to work on various jobs, including sending a car bomb to one of Vasquez' casinos, stealing an ambulance, and most importantly, destroying one of Vasquez's supply dumps. Due to Caine's help, Tanner tracks Lenny to Rio.