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Race Car Push Button Start

Racing / June 18, 2019

Your older car looks great, and it runs like a dream, but sometimes you wish it had some of those newfangled options, such as a push button start. With this type of system, you can start your vehicle simply by pushing a button, rather than inserting a key into the ignition and turning it. It is possible to buy an aftermarket push button start kit and modify your vehicle to use a push button system. Some systems even have LED lighting to give your vehicle an even more customized look and feel. These systems are not just for passenger cars, though. If you have a car that you use on the track, you can install a push button start system in it as well. This type of system is standard in most race cars, but if you are using a stock passenger car as a drag racer, you may want to switch from a keyed ignition, to give yourself one less thing to think about. Within the vast inventory on eBay, you can find a push button start modification kit for any vehicle you want to convert.