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Vintage Sports Car Seat

Sports Cars / October 21, 2020

Some modifications to classic cars have become commonplace, like installing large diameter wheels and low profile tires. But other mods, like mounting a hood scoop on a vintage British roadster, would be in poor taste, and late model high back bucket seats would be similarly out of place on the same car. We know how important it is for your vintage car to have seats with the right look and feel, which is why we’ve assembled the selection you see before you.

We offer seats with styles from every era, from low back, narrow based bucket seats that will look at home in a vintage roadster, to high back reclining buckets with side bolsters for late 60s and early 70s British, Italian, and German sports cars. Or choose from a wide range of folding, low back buckets with classic vertical and horizontal pleat patterns - the perfect look for 60s muscle cars, resto-rods, kit cars and 50s customs. Our seats are upholstered in period correct materials including vinyl, fabric, and leather, and include features like contrasting center cushion patterns and piping where appropriate.

Car seats have to be comfortable and supportive for safe driving, but as integral components of your interior, they also have to look right. This is especially important when the seats are for a classic or vintage car. While “restomods”, with their mix of modern and period components are very popular, there are still many enthusiasts who want to equip their classics with parts that deliver the desired performance but with a traditional appearance.

But although our classic seats are vintage styled, they’re ready for modern drivers and driving conditions. We know that cockpit and driver sizes vary, so we offer seats in a wide range of sizes. They’re constructed using the latest manufacturing techniques and available with features today’s drivers have become accustomed to, like headrests. And because we know many of you participate in vintage racing, we offer seats with slots to accommodate multi-point racing harnesses, and some of our seats are FIA approved for historic competition vehicles.