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Racing / September 6, 2020

Racecar-party00And I thought I was going to be cool as a cucumber on that day. I can't believe how wrong I was! I thought by planning a few weeks before hand, I would avoid the feeling of stress I usually get saturated with on the day and night before. BUT noooo. I didn't have time to use all my cute little print-ables I created and hang the tissue paper decorations I had planned for the day, I was even going to make cardboard cars for the kids to sit in while they play mario carts. So I'm a little disappointed with myself... I blame Pinterest, I'm seriously on there all the time satisfying my need for visual candy. I need help... help!

It helped reminding myself that those elements of the party were not top priority. Making sure the guests were comfy, feed and entertained were at the top of my list.Racecar-party01 Oh! and obviously Noah's experience and memory of the day too! So thank God the food table looked colourful and attractive, that made up for the lack of decorations around the room I think. Here are the photo's -

Like that cake I made?! I do, except I feel the candles are in the wrong place though... oh well.

I had these cute little cup stickers all printed and ready to stick on the cups too with modpodge, but I left that job too late and had guests arriving early! Why do they do that!

haahaaa! She looks so serious too!
Well those are all the photos I wanted to share with you all. Below are the free print-ables for those thinking of having their own race car party, I hope they help make your little (or big) lads day special! Oh if you want to know where I sourced the other supplies, don't be shy, just ask, I'm always happy to help!

Vinniepearce-cup-stickers Racecar-party03 Racecar-party02 Racecar-party04