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High End Sports Cars Brands

Sports Cars / October 21, 2019

A luxury car is considered the peak of driving comfort and aspires to provide the most rewarding sensation of motoring. Based on the oddity and expense of early automobiles, the luxury car category was actually one of the first vehicle types established. One key element of a luxury car is their higher cost to conventional automobiles. Brand prestige, but also technology causes the price of luxury cars to be greater. Due to the advance in technology, many automotive features first appear on luxury cars prior to being fully implemented for the mass market. Electric starter, air conditioning and HID headlights are some items that were introduced on luxury cars over decades. Modern luxury cars continue to push the boundaries of technology with some standout features including full LED headlights and GPS-controlled transmissions. Luxury vehicles can adhere to almost any body style. Coupes, sedans, convertibles and most recently crossover vehicles have proven popular with high-end consumers. Coupe and convertible luxury cars are ideal for more personalized driving while large sedans could involve owners being chauffeured. Up until the 1980s, luxury cars were typically heavy vehicles providing a soft ride for passengers. Today's luxury cars generally offer more performance car-like ride qualities allowing them to be faster and more nimble. For this reason, many sports cars and supercars are also considered luxury cars. A growing trend has also resulted in the rise of compact or entry-level luxury cars. Compact luxury cars like the Cadillac ATS, Acura ILX and the Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class have been created to attract a younger premium driving demographic or to provide a stepping-stone into a brand. Due to higher costs, luxury cars are often produced in lower quantities compared to other cars. In some cases, production of a luxury product is strictly limited in order to insure exclusivity.

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