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Expensive Sports Cars Brands

Sports Cars / September 19, 2016

Ferrari is an Italian sports car manufacturer that specializes in high-performance luxury vehicles. Ferrari models are known for their sleek design, speed, and high sticker prices. Ferrari car prices range from $188, 425 and go upwards of $400, 000.

Enzo Ferrari did not set out to create cars; he actually began his a career in Italian racing, and in 1928 formed an amateur team that utilized Alfa Romeo cars until 1938. In 1941 Alfa Romeo was seized by the government and the first Ferrari cars were produced.

Ferrari models are built with speed and performance thanks to the company's racing background. Today's Ferrari cars are lauded as "supercars" and use the famous prancing horse symbol and signature "race red" color. Ferrari car prices are notoriously expensive as Ferrari caters to the upper echelon of consumers.

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