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Street Racing Car / October 29, 2018

The car smashing into the wall as it goes into a bend too quickly during the street race

The Mercedes-Benz A-Class roars through the tunnel seconds before crashing into the wall

The mangled wreckage of the crash that shows the Mercedes-Benz A-Class totally ruined

The windscreen of the car was smashed in the crash and the bonnet has been ripped open

A trail of sparks and flames is left behind the car as it slides along the road on its side

The video, which is shot from one of the racers' dashcams, begins at the start line with around a dozen sports cars revving their engines with their hazard lights flashing.

Horns can heard blaring and a police siren signals the start of the race prompting the drivers to slam their feet down on the accelerators.

The filming driver starts alongside the Mercedes but manages to pull away from it, leaving the teenager behind him and to his right.

Bizarrely, a moped is left trundling on the far right of the track, which is understood to be the tunnel Avenue Avenida Colombia in Cali, Colombia.

Cars build up on the right side of the road, allowing the filming driver to pull clear on the left behind the leading cars.

He slows down as he approaches a gradual left turn, but the Mercedes accelerates into the bend and over-takes on the right.

The driver loses control and smashes into the right wall of the tunnel, which causes the A-Class to flip onto its side.

It leaves a trail of sparks as it slides along the road, still on its side, before coming to an abrupt stop when it smashes into a barrier at a junction shortly after exiting the tunnel.

It appears the car crashed into the barrier roof-first.

A second clip shows the extent of the damage to the car, which retails between £21, 000 and £31, 000.