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Street Racing Car / June 16, 2018

Street Races is a Hobby & Pastime for Franklin in IGN's Grand Theft Auto 5 Walkthrough. This guide will highlight the main mission strategies and Gold Medal requirements needed to complete every main story mission. Check out more of IGN's GTA5 Walkthrough for info on Cheats, Easter Eggs, Strangers and Freaks and a lot more.

Street Races become available to Franklin after completing the Strangers & Freaks mission Shift Work for Hao. Two street races are available at the beginning and the rest are unlocked via text message from Hao after completing them. Races are only available in the evenings from 20:00 until daylight.

To start a race, approach the racers sitting at the location on the map and then press Right on the D-pad to begin. Each race will have an entrance fee, so be sure to have the money ready! Unlike the Shift Work mission, these races have NO Gold requirements so you'll just need to win 3rd, 2nd, or 1st place.

It is highly recommended that you Mod Franklin's car to the max before doing these races. Go to Los Santos Customs and outfit his car with the best wheels, suspension, engine, transmission, spoilers, etc. and you'll be more than ready to outrace your competition.

You MUST place in 3rd or better in all Street Races, Offroad Races, and Sea Races to count toward 100% Completion.

The South Los Santos Race is the SAME exact race that was done in the "Shift Work" mission only without the Gold requirements.

There are several sharp turns and the first one will determine what position you'll be in. With a fully modded car, you should be able to get to top position before you reach the first sharp turn. Lightly brake and turn and then continue on the path. There is one more deadly sharp turn at the Xero gas station, so be sure to slow up a bit and make the turn.

When the race starts, cut corners at the first right turn to gain top position. If done correctly, you should be in 1st place within the first 20 seconds! Keep an eye on the checkpoints and don't speed too fast or you'll slip. When you get to the Vespucci Beach area, there will be several sharp turns that can throw you off, so keep a hand on the brake so that you don't crash!

The race is pretty lengthy so keep the pedal to the metal and you should win 1st place easily.

To unlock the Airport race, you MUST complete the first two races. After a day or so, Hao will send you a text message confirming a race at the LS Airport later in the evening. Make your way to the race in the evening and bring the $1000 entrance fee to start the race.

The Airport route contains several narrow entrances and some tricky sharp turns. With some careful maneuvering, you should be able to get into top position just before you exit the freeway towards the Maze Bank Arena. The tricky sharp turn occurs when you reach the railroad tracks in Strawberry, so use a hard brake and then turn.

When you return to the airport area, stay on the RIGHT side (the departure lane) and then make the circular turn and back down to the arrivals lane down below for the win.

After completing the Airport race, Hao sends you another text message with another location for a race. This time the race is located in the La Mesa area and the entrance fee is $1250.

The race is fairly straightforward though the only trcky turn is towards the end of the lap where the checkpoint is in the MIDDLE of the freeway pointing you to drive across lanes (see screencap above).

Other than the checkpoint that leads to the other lane (you'll know it when you see it), getting 1st place in this race shouldn't be difficult.

The fifth and final race is a motorcycle race that zooms through the streets of Vespucci Beach. It is recommended that you purchase (or steal) a Pegassi Bati 801 motorcycle and then tune it up at LS Customs to have Max Speed and Max Acceleration. When you've got the souped up bike, race it!

When the race starts, push the Left Analog Stick forward so that Franklin shifts his weight to the front of the bike. This will give Franklin a slight boost in acceleration and get him to the front of the pack within the first 15 seconds ()!