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Street Legal Sports Car

Street Racing Car / December 7, 2016


There is no doubt if this car makes it to the light of day it will be one of the most absurd street legal sports cars made. Dallara has been doing chassis design for race series around the world, which means this will probably be serious—and extremely impractical.


Dallara Supercar Prototype

This maybe the least friendly of this list. This is one of the most entertaining cars to drive, but the sacrifices are steep. Adults will not be transporting their children to the zoo in the Caterham.


The Atom has no doors, and if the buyer chooses the lower-end model, no windscreen either. Plan on enjoying a facial of dirt and rocks. This is one of the most rewarding vehicles to drive, however.


A more extreme yet more refined version of the open-wheeled cars. The KTM gets more carbon, a stronger tub, and of course, more comfortable interior for those who find airplane seats extremely satisfying. The KTM is widely known for driving dynamics and being fun to drive.

Source: www.thedrive.com