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New Lincoln Sports Car

Sports Cars / July 18, 2019

Lincoln is known as the American luxury brand. Lincoln car prices start at $35, 075 and are typically less than other luxury car brands. However, their SUVs are more expensive and the Lincoln Navigator price tag can surpass $65, 000 when the full-size SUV is fully equipped.

The Lincoln Motor Company has defined the American luxury car for almost a century. Henry Leland, founder of the Cadillac brand, established the company in 1917 and named it after his childhood hero, Abraham Lincoln. Leland sold the company to Ford in 1922. By the 1930s, the company had firmly established its niche as a premium car brand. In 1936, the popular Zepher was introduced. Named and styled after the streamlined Burlington Zepher express train, this car represented 80% of all Lincolns sold at one point.

Ford followed the Zepher with the glamorous Continental and Mark II, cars that quickly gained status when selected for use as U.S. presidential limousines. In 1981, Lincoln unveiled the car that remains its flagship model today ... the Lincoln Town Car. Over the years, Lincoln Motor Company has adapted to changes in American taste. When sport/utility vehicles became popular in the 1990s, Lincoln lent its own brand of luxury to the SUV genre with the Navigator, a breakout hit.

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