Weight Plan (Part 2): How to Properly Place Ballast for Drag

Lead Weight for Race Car

Racing / August 4, 2017

pine car weightsThe more your pine car weighs, the faster it will go on a downhill ramp. Most rules specify a 5 oz. maximum weight. Most Pinewood Derby cars weigh between 1.5 oz and 3.5 oz (depending on design) without weights so a car may need 3.5 oz or more of additional weight.

About Our Weights

Our weights are available in a variety of shapes and three different metals - Lead, Steel, and Tungsten. Each metal has its advantages and disadvantages. The following table will help you to decide which metal you would like to use.

Pinewood Derby WinnersOne main difference between the three metals is their density. The more dense the metal, the more it will weigh. The picture to the right shows the the three metals and the amount need of each for the same weight. As you can see, it takes a lot less tungsten then steel for the same weight.

Here are the main advantages and disadvantages of each metal:



Pinewood Derby Trophy
  • Soft - easy to bend and cut.
  • Low cost
  • Medium density
  • Should not be handled by children. If you use lead, insert it inside the car block and seal with wood putty.
  • Only available in one form - 1/4" cylinders.
  • High density
  • Ideal for concentrating weight in a small area.
  • High cost.
  • Very hard - Cannot be cut or shaped.

Pinewood Derby car using aerodynamic weight Your browser does not support the video tag.

Pinewood Derby Weights Video

This video gives tips on adding weightes to your pinewood derby car.

Customer Photos

Brandon won first place in his pinewood derby race with the help of his dad and our polished axles and tungsten weights.

I just bought the pre-cut starfighter, grooved axles and decals
off of you a couple weeks ago and I wanted you to know that my
son won a pinewood derby tournament. His car was the fastest
in the tournament (out of two counties). Thank you again... Zach S.

All our parts and weights have come from ABC, quick shipping, excellent products.
Over the years our cars have always done well - 2014 was Cole's big winner.

Source: www.abc-pinewood-derby.com