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Hemmings Sports and Exotic Car

Sports Cars / September 29, 2018

They are saying the business model no longer works and after 12 years of growth for the highly loved publication that it still isn’t getting it. What really irritates me is they think that instead of reading about foreign and sports cars of all origins from many prior generations that I want my future issues sent to me as Hemmings Classic Car. If I’d wanted to read about antique cars and cars just up until the muscle cars era then I would have subscribed to that. I don’t have the money to restore a 1940's Packard, something in the 60-90s foreign imports or US sports cars are more affordable to the average guy. You’d think the number of guys who are interested in that very old US iron would be fading away or will be soon. I feel they will have just cut off what could be a future market for their publications. Oh well, now I have to call them on a weekday and beg for a refund. What BS. Hopefully our web buddy Road & Track can pick up some more subscribers for their print publication or maybe snag some talent that Hemmings lets go.

Source: oppositelock.kinja.com