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EBay Motors Race Car not Street Legal

Street Racing Car / December 12, 2017

These Guys Use Their Wives To Sell Cars On eBayThis custom 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback Pro Racing is for true classic Ford enthusiasts looking for a street racer. With a two-tone black and silver body and Lipstick Red interior, power comes from a 400-hp 429 cu.in. crate motor rebuilt with a 460 crank and mated to a new C6 automatic transmission. The car sells itself, but don’t you think the hot red-head helps just a little bit?The buyer of this stunning 1961 Modena Ferrari GT250 California Spider claims he spent almost a decade tracking this down, but doubtless found his trophy wife a lot quicker than that. Did the stunning vintage Ferrari help? Who knows, but now she is the one being used to help sell the Ferrari. Power comes from a Ford Racing Boss 363 cu.in.These Guys Use Their Wives To Sell Cars On eBay V8 with zero miles, while the car has enjoyed a complete frame off restoration.You can buy this now for just under k, not bad for a rust-free 1966 Cadillac DeVille Coupe that boasts a super straight body and a 350 Chevy Motor, after the original 429 was pulled out. The black on red color combination is also desirable, and the cougar posing with the car might help tempt the elderly gentleman these sorts of 50-year-old classics attract.This 1935 Buddy Stewart Truck 40H is an extremely rare pickup and the only restored example in the US, and perhaps the entire world. The recipient of a frame-off nuts and bolt restoration, mechanically refreshed in 2011, with a green and black two-tone paint job and the Kisber Auto Parts sign handpainted in gold leaf, this is a stunning piece of automotive history.These Guys Use Their Wives To Sell Cars On eBay But the cowgirl posing with the truck surely adds a few more percent of allure to the sale.When your girlfriend is as hot as this girl, then getting her to pose with your 1974 Alfa Romeo 2000 Veloce Spider is a necessity. This particular model (the car, not the girl) is in decent condition, a rust-free example by virtue of living in Arizona. The seller admits the car needs work, but if this is the sort of girl you’re going to attract with it, surely it’s worth the effort.

This 1974 Plymouth Barracuda is a fine example of a final year model. It looks to be in decent condition, with the seller admitting the paintjob is a little old and the engine is a 340 rebuild with lots of power and torque.

With a nut and bolt rotisserie restoration, this 1962 Chevy Corvair 500 is in sublime condition finished in deep rich Roman Red with show-quality chrome and stainless steel trim. Power comes from the original 2.4-liter flat-six mated to a four-speed manual (a rare option), and with just 500 miles clocked since its frame-off restoration, this is a car for discerning Chevy collectors. The buxom model posing with the classic is just an added bonus, as the car is beautiful on its own.With a gorgeous yellow paint job, this 1965 Chevy GMC Fleetside short bed pickup is said to drive like a luxury car and perform like a muscle car. There are lots of standout features on this vehicle, including a lacquered oak wood bed, billet accessories throughout, a tilt wheel and a sweet 350 V8 underhood. The current bid stands at just over $20k, but did the cheeky cowgirl help attract more buyers? Almost certainly.

These Guys Use Their Wives To Sell Cars On eBay These Guys Use Their Wives To Sell Cars On eBay These Guys Use Their Wives To Sell Cars On eBay These Guys Use Their Wives To Sell Cars On eBay

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