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Sports Cars / September 11, 2020

I purchased the ramps because I had to improvise with standard ramps for my 2012 Cruze Eco - due to the low profile of the car and the clearance from the ground to the air deflector. These ramps worked without touching the air deflector. If I recall correctly, the Eco sits a little lower than the normal Cruze. Also, it was easier to get up these ramps with a manual transmission than with the other ramps. I also like the apparent sturdiness of the ramp and the larger stop at the end of the ramp.



I bought these ramps as a birthday present for my son after a plastic ramp broke and collapsed as he drove up on them. He was very lucky not to be under the car at the time. These ramps look great, welds look strong and the ramp approach should work for even the lowest car. When I received the ramps I had a question and Brenda was nice, very friendly and took great care of me. These ramps should work for anyone looking for a safe pair of ramps that will last a lifetime. (Watch the weight limits)

Need Ramps? Look No Further!

I needed a decent set of ramps to replace the old auto parts store set I'd been using since Clinton was in his first term. Although the price of these made me think twice, I'm glad I purchased them. This is a great set of high quality ramps. They fit all three of my cars (sports car, sedan and small SUV) with no problem. The extra length really makes getting on and off them easy. They give plenty of lift height making getting my creaky old frame underneath the car super easy. And even with the extra length, they are lightweight enough for me to move around without working up a grunt. The only niggle I can find is the rubber anti-slip pads fall off too easy. But a little industrial strength Gorilla Glue took care of that. So if you're looking for a sturdy set of all-purpose ramps, look no further.

Awesome Ramps

I was impressed with how well built these ramps were, and the are lightweight which is a big plus for a woman my size. They are perfect for my 1955 Ford F-100 low profile truck. Would I recommend them to others, absolutely! Thanks Discount Ramps! :)

Excellent quality car ramp

I received these ramps as a gift to make it easier to work on a few of my low profile cars. I'm impressed with the quality of manufacturing and design. Works great. Love them.